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Bus System

As someone who lives and works in town, I am very appreciative of the bus system. It has allowed us to move to being a one-car family, avoid paying insurance and repairs and ultimately has saved us thousands of dollars per year.

Having a reliable bus system in town is a big plus for me. I don’t think enough people use it regularly – they rely on their cars more than they should.

I think it’s worth being a tiny bit uncomfortable or out of sorts while you figure out the bus system to get to enjoy the dozens of benefits.

Hi Dad

Last night, after I tucked him in and I laid down beside him, Sully picked up his head and said “Hi Dad” and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a kiss from him without requesting it. It was awesome.

It started me on a spiral thinking about how sweet my kids are. Cece and Sully both are just the sweetest things I’ve ever interacted with. Sure, they both have their times when they are upset or mad about something. Usually, they are just seeking a hug or a deep gaze into their eyes.


Driving Home

On our way home from up north, we had an important family first – both kids slept the entire way. That sure makes the drive a lot nicer. Cece does not like being in her seat and being awake. I think both kids were exhausted from the weekend and just needed a bit more sleep than they were getting at night.

Let’s hope we can do it again in a few weeks!

Tough Work First

I spent the first nice day up north mowing and cleaning off our roof while my family enjoyed the beach. I’d rather get it out of the way and have it be done then dread having to do it later.

Lazy Cottage Day

I spent the morning running, mowing and then cleaning the roof at our cottage so I could enjoy the rest of the weekend. The weather is perfect today, 75 and sunny. My parents are visiting tomorrow with their RV.

Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend, we are heading up to the cottage to relax for a bit. I am actually looking forward to mowing up north, since we got the new riding mower. It’s pretty relaxing.

We’ll go sit by the lake, have a fire and play games. Sully will want to drive the club car and walk the logs in the woods. Cece will play in the sand and crawl all over. It’s going to be great.

Where is the Gift?

Wisdom is gleaned from a situation whenever we ask ourselves, “Where is the gift in this?”

I wrote this down on April 5, 2017 and I can’t remember the source. But this is great advice. This forces you to find the good part of anything that happens, whether you consider it good or bad. There’s always something, you just have to look.

Reframing all scenarios like this helps reframe your perspective on life.


Parenting has brought up many new emotions in me, especially since we’ve had two kids. The one that stands out most is angry frustration. I always thought of myself as a calm, collected person, but I find I get triggered relatively easily with kids around.

The biggest thing for me is to notice it myself before reacting. I know what would feel good in the moment is to yell or worse. But if I do yell, I immediately feel bad and nobody learns anything.

Jess and I both started reading a book on this subject and it has helped quite a bit. It’s called The Awakened Family. One of the first points in the book is that we are the ones causing the issues, not the kids. The kids are living life, living in the moment. We, however, have expectations and schedules and plans that they don’t know about.

It’s been a great learning experience so far and I already can notice improvements.


I read an article yesterday about how burnout is not what you think it is. It’s not overwork with no vacation. In fact, the article stated that a vacation to solve burnout is like taking a painkiller to cure a brain tumor.

Burnout, according to the author, is the result of job-induced depression. – whether you feel ineffective at your job, like it’s not going anywhere or the purpose of your work has been blurred.

Burnout is the opposite of grit. Grit is hunkering down and busting out the work, despite how much you don’t want to. Burnout is checking out because the work seems to have no purpose or goal.

I thought this was interesting because I’ve always thought of it as overwork or being tired, where a vacation or a few days rest would fix the issue. I don’t think people realize the problem runs deeper, it runs inside your perception of your personal work motivation.

Families Gathering

Last night, I was at the park late with the kids. There must’ve been 6 other families there at any given time and I had met most of them previously. It was great to catch up. I consider myself an introvert, but it does energize me to get to hang out with people that I know already and don’t have to get through pleasantries with. I love this neighborhood – it’s full of great people.