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Family Room Basketball

We knew that our couches were being delivered Thursday. We did what we had to do to enjoy the big empty playroom – played basketball.

We have a big yoga ball and a bouncy ball for kids that are hilariously too big for basketball. But we played and made a huge ruckus out of it and Sully loved it.

Today our couches will arrive and the room will assume a normal family room form. Our house will become a little bit more “home-like” and the big open spaces will be filled in.

He Took Off Running

After swim lessons and a haircut yesterday, I thought my son would be tired. But we spent another 30 minutes in the front yard playing once we got home. Jess went for a run and he decided he was going to run too.

He took off down the street and we actually made it to about 100 yards away before he stopped. Of course, I had my daughter in my arms and he wanted to be carried home. And then he wanted to walk, and then be carried, and then walk. It was a debacle.

His other latest obsession is wanting to actually drive the car. Not pretend to drive it, but actually drive it. It makes for some very unhappy minutes when we have to actually go somewhere and we have to place him in his seat.

I hope he gets over that one soon!

Vacation Needed

We have a kids-free vacation for next week planned as well as two separate weeks up north this summer. I was talking with Jess about how we need more time away from the usual stuff. We love our kids, but they and we all can use a change of  scenery now and then.

It feels selfish to ask for it. But I don’t know why. It feels greedy to use the 5 weeks of vacation time I’ve accrued, but it shouldn’t. We all need time to ourselves, especially when we have a lot on our plate. Our families require our attention continuously, there is no break for sleeping or weekends. That can be an enormous strain on your mental capacities over the years.

We’ll attempt to enjoy ourselves while we are away next week and savor the time we have to ourselves, with as little guilt as possible!

Perfect Day

Saturday was amazing. The temperature and the weather were outstanding. I was in a funk for some reason, but that didn’t stop us from walking to the pond, taking a family bike ride, sitting on our deck and building two 4’x4′ raised vegetable beds. I spent enough time outside to get a very slight sunburn.

After everything was done, we sat on the deck giving Cece her bottle while we watched the tennis players on the court next to us. We talked about how this neighborhood is paradise and the weather was perfect. We tried to do as much as we could in that short day, but there will be many more days just like it coming very soon. We love it here.


Easter lives in the shadows of Christmas, in terms of how’s it’s hyped up, despite representing an equally important event. 

Easter was fun growing up because of the egg hunt, egg coloring and baskets of goodies. But where did all of this come from? Why are eggs associated with Easter and why do we color as hunt for them? What’s with the bunnies? 

Perfect Temperature

Today was the best outdoor temperature I’ve felt in months. It was warm enough to feed Cece a bottle at 8pm on our deck. It was nice enough to build two raised veggie beds in the backyard. It could’ve been a June day for how nice it was outside.

I am looking forward to this spring and summer with the kids in this new neighborhood and more of this fantastic weather.

Giving without Recognition

I had this waking thought today, an image of somebody posing for a good deed at the side of a hospital bed. My thought was, a truly selfless gift would be to do the same deed but without social media or pictures involved. I don’t know why this thought came to my mind as I was waking up.

I thought about spending a whole Saturday somewhere, like a shelter, but the requirement would be to not bring a phone or post about what you were doing. Isn’t that truly selfless? If you are doing something so that you can show everyone how giving you are, is that really giving selflessly? You are expecting to gain status by bragging about what you did.


Downloading a Knowledge Module

Since we moved into our house, we have a list a mile long of things we need or want to do, including planting a garden, replacing trim and redoing the stairway handrail and banisters. I love the fact that we can look up a dozen videos on youtube and get some basic tips in order to feel confident enough to do it ourselves.

My wife wants to do the trim and raised garden beds herself – all we need is a saw. With that knowledge trapped in books or in someone else, we would’ve had to go without or had to hire it done for 10x the cost or more.

There’s a big difference between watching it done and doing it, but it’s always good to try something for the first time. You learn a lot and you can be better at it in the future. When was the last time you tried something for the first time?

Jumping In

Sully loves the jumping in part at the swim classes – it’s all he wants to do. It’s impossible to even leave the class because he’ll just jump right back in. I hate to even make him leave, but we can’t just stay there all day right?

I love his joy for swimming and jumping in. I want to foster that in everything that he does.

Getting Used to Siblings

Since Cece was born 8 months ago, it has been a big shift for Sully. He went from the center of attention to 2nd in line. He was fine with it at first, but he noticed he would less attention and would actually tell us “put Cece down, dad” when he wanted to be picked up.

He’s starting to learn about how to share his toys, which isn’t an easy task for him. His (and most people’s) natural inclination is to snatch something back that’s been taken away.

He’s gotten a bit louder when he wants attention, I think that’s in direct competition with Cece, who cries when she needs something. He’s particularly fond of yelling or singing at the top of his lungs.

It will be interesting to see how he deals with his new cousins who will be appearing as early as July and one more in November.

He was shy around Oliver when we visited, but he was eager to hold Ada. He even gave Ollie a hug before we left, which was sweet.