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Going Home

We had a relaxing day shopping and visiting the museum of modern art yesterday. We have to fly out first thing today, so we are getting ready. We are anxious to see the kids but it was really nice to have been gone for a few days. 

Vacation Day Two

We had a good day of sightseeing and wandering yesterday. San Francisco is so colorful and rich, it’s fun to just look at the houses. They are all so different and yet so consistent.

Bridge View

We had a great trip, watched La La Land and BFG in the plane for free. We checked into our hotel and found out we are on the tenth floor facing the bridges so we have a beautiful view of the sunrise, the bay bridge and the Golden gate bridge.

Travel Day

We are traveling today. When we leave it will be 4pm and when we arrive it will be 9pm for us. We will be tired especially after taking the kids to Mom and Dad’s and then traveling. The plane ride should be nice to listen to a podcast or a movie.

Vacation is Here

Tomorrow I leave for a vacation that involves just me and my wife. I hope we are able to relax and think about nothing for a time while our kids enjoy seeing their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. We are going to have a blast and so are they!


Ever since I got my dog 10 years ago, I have been bummed about the fact that he’ll die someday. Don’t worry, Bo is fine. But I see pictures and stories about people losing their pets and I get really sad about it. I know it’s a necessity, but it’s still terrible.

I wonder why we deserve dogs. They are so sweet and loyal and they teach you so much. They show you how to live in the moment and how to be excited. They are fantastic companions, which is what makes it so hard to see them go.


Planting Veggies

We finished the transplanting of our first veggie batch in our raised beds yesterday. It consists of carrots, radishes, beans and summer squash. Jess put a little fence around them to keep the rabbits away, but we’ll see if it will hold up against their attacks.

Sully got the seeds, a shovel and gloves for his easter present. He planted them a few weeks ago and we have eagerly watched them grow inside the safety of our house.

I think it would be very cool for Sully to see the whole process of growing food, from seed to table. Let’s hope some of them make it.

Family Photos

We took family photos on Saturday with our favorite photographer, MG. We’ve had him take our family photos 5 or more times now. We really enjoy the results. I’m really excited to get these back because the kids are now more animated and show more personality.

Sully knows MG by now and knows what we are doing. Cece was comfortable with him in the room and we got some good smiles out of her too.

We’ll treasure the results we get from these for years and we’re going to continue getting them done. Hopefully MG will keep working for us!

Park Day

We spent a lot of time at the park today, after family pictures. We met many new friends including a baby who was born on the same day in the same hospital as Cece! What a small world. Cece loves the mulch and loves meeting people. Sully is a bit more shy but warms up eventually.

Google Maps Travel

Before we go places, we explore the city using Google Maps for a few reasons. One is to get a feel for the layout of our hotel vs where all of the attractions are. The other is to be able to see the highest recommended attractions and to read reviews.

It’s a bit strange to walk around a city using street view, but you can notice quirks and fun places by doing that.