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The Year of Normalization

I have tried to ad a theme to the year as we start, trying to bake it into the things we do. This year was normalization, because we had our second child, Jess finished school and got a job and we achieved some sort of routine at home. 

It wasn’t meant to mean we got stuck in a rut. 

It was meant to say we have found our optimum minimal routine. We standardized how we plan meals, get groceries, handle kids. I sold my car so I could use the bus – that became our new normal. We were lucky to have Jess at home with the kids – that was normal to our kids.  Read On…

Up North Neighbors

As we skated past the mostly empty cabins on the lake, we saw somebody building a fire. We stopped and met him. Most people go south for the winter so we don’t expect to see many people outside during the holiday break. It was nice to meet him and hear about his family. We’ll see him in the summer!

Long Walks on the (frozen) Beach

Instead of skiing or skating today, we walked on the inside of the lake. It was a nice walk, the kind that cleans out your lungs. On the horizon for tomorrow, more relaxing and a Michigan football bowl game!

Experiences over Stuff

We have what we need. Presents are fun to open, but I want to instill in my kids that presents are just things and things do not bring joy. 

We got a lot of presents for the kids. I think they value experiences over stuff. If they don’t, I hope to help them learn that lesson over their childhood.


This was our first Christmas as a family of four and the first time we spent Christmas morning at our own house. 

We had some great experiences and some injuries, but I think the kids appreciated sleeping at home every night. I know we did. 

Driving one hour at for three days in a row was tiring but worth it. Now to relax for the rest of the break and enjoy family.

Second Night of Three

We made it through the second late night with one more to go, tomorrow. We had a blast today making a snowman and opening presents at my parents house. 

It was a long but fun day and we going to do it all again tomorrow. Enjoy the hustle, everything could be gone tomorrow.

Old Friends

Today we met up with childhood friends for a couple’s baby shower. It seemed like an odd day since it’s Christmas Eve Eve, but in reality, it was great since it was in our hometown and many people have the time off anyway. 

It was so great to see people and laugh about old stories. I was laughing so hard my sides hurt. We had so much fun.

I need to catch up with people more often and not let it go for years before talking. I’m going to call them in a few months and keep up so it’s never been too long since we talked last.

Finding My Quiet Time

With sick kids and travel, it’s been hard to justify waking up early to myself. But getting back into it despite myself has been great. 

I remember what it’s like to be able to sit in silence, read through my goals, read a book and write freely in my notebook. It sets me up for the day in the right frame of mind. It clears my head of junk and aligns all of my neurons. It’s valuable and I shouldn’t skip it. I get discouraged if kids wake up to disturb my time, but I shouldn’t have such an attachment to it. 

I should have high intention, but low attachment.