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Game Week

Michigan won, although not convincingly. Snow fell so that Michigan Stadium looked like a snow globe. The drastic weather change and putting up our Christmas tree makes it seem like the holidays are here already.

Michigan plays Ohio State Saturday, #2 vs #3. Should be a really good game. I can’t wait!

Senior Day

I’m going to the game today. It will be the last home game and the final time seniors will pay here. It’s supposed to snow also. 

I remember my senior day, in the band. It’s sad and nostalgic. I miss the band.

The Last Home Game

This weekend is the last home game of the football season. Football always moves so fast. I’m going to be attending the game in a work capacity, which is fun but also feels a lot like work.

I’m hopeful that Michigan returns to form and looks solid against a less talented team.

It’s also supposed to get really cold and start snowing soon. I think we’re overdue for cold weather. This morning was gorgeous – 50-60 and sunny. We’ve been blessed with a beautiful fall and we don’t usually get that in Michigan.

This last home game is a turning point, for the weather, for the year. It means Thanksgiving is here and Christmas is not far behind. I plan to enjoy every second of it while it’s here.

Thanksgiving at Number 2?

One of the table topics I brought to my Toastmasters meeting last night was that, on average, Americans rank Thanksgiving as their second favorite holiday, behind Christmas. I think that’s a good spot, but even maybe a bit underrated.

Christmas is the big leagues. It’s got the gifts, the food, the days off, the sprawl. It envelopes everything around it, on the calendar, in the store, on your radio station and in your mind. It’s got a lot to offer, especially when you are young – it’s magical. But, there’s a lot of baggage.  Read On…

House Fever

We haven’t been looking to move. We had been playing around with the idea that we might want to start looking mid- next year sometime. But, yesterday, Jess sent me this listing for a home in town that looks amazing. Now we have house fever.

We are going to look at it and want to know if there’s any way we can get the down payment ready.

I know houses like this are sold frequently and since we’re not really ready it’s a shame to get our hopes up like this. But for now, we’re going to at least go see it. That’ll give me a chance to reconnect with my realtor. I’ll talk to the bank to see what they are willing to do as well. Read On…

What’s Going On In Your Mind

My son just starts doing things, sometimes very odd things. Yesterday, he started making a pile in the living room of everything, pillows, chairs, trash, toys, everything.

He won’t tell us why. It leads to a massive mess to clean up afterwards. It’s especially distracting during dinner when he wants to take all of the kitchen chairs away for his living room pile.

Is he imitating something he saw? Does this soothe him somehow? I think it’s maybe a combination of a lot of things, but mainly a display of control. He likes to control the situation, and moving lots of things into a pile he made gives him some sense of control over his environment. That’s the best I can come up with. Read On…

2016 Awful?

The most recent John Oliver clip on HBO was all about Trump being elected and how that just caps off a truly awful year. He makes a lot of points including celebrity deaths, political events and other things that make 2016 the worst. But I don’t think it was all that bad – this was more of the same and there was actually a lot of good.

The bad:

  • Brexit
  • David Bowie’s death
  • Leonard Cohen’s death
  • Gene Wilder’s death
  • 2016 Election as a whole
  • Harambe shot
  • Ryan Lochte lying about being robbed
  • Zika
  • Various police shootings
  • Orlando nightclub shooting

Is this worse than other years? I think we can compile the evidence towards the end of every year, saying how this year is especially awful. 2016 wasn’t all that bad, and in my personal life, was especially great.

Should we arbitrarily label years as good or bad based on our own measurement?


We Lost

For the first time in 2016, Michigan football has lost. We played a night game at Kinnick Stadium, which is a tough place to play. The voters didn’t penalize Michigan too much, dropping them to #4. 

All of Michigan’s goals are still in play if they win out, but it looks like Indiana and OSU won’t roll over for them – they’ll have to play tough.

I knew they could lose and would lose again but it didn’t seem like this was the game for them to lose.

It felt like the election, a sure thing suddenly and unexpectedly called into question and slipping away before our eyes.

I guess that’s why they actually play instead of just simulating their chances with an algorithm.

On to the next one: Beat Indiana!


Without a car, since I sold it, and since my wife will be at a wedding shower all day, my son and I will be adventuring downtown on the bus today.

Our plan will be to head to the hands-on museum then to the farmers market and maybe get a snack at a shop down there.

The hands-on museum can be really crazy with birthdays on Saturday, so we may not stay there long. 

Getting on the bus with my toddler is fun for both of us. It makes us feel like true townies.

Stranger Things

We have finally made it though 5 episodes of Stranger Things. It’s been a long slog. We don’t have the time to sit down for 45 minutes episodes. I think we’re living through a TV revolution. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and other companies online are investing heavily in making excellent content, and we’re benefiting from it.

I can’t remember the last time I went to see a movie, but sitting down to watch Netflix is much easier and more approachable.

Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards were only the beginning. Black Mirror, Mascots and other shows that are coming are another sign that these companies are doubling down on great content.