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Happy vs Content

I’ve seen a lot about the difference between these ideas. People chasing happiness think it’s some sort of enlightened fulfillment that they will achieve one moment as an epiphany. That’s just not how it works.

There are two kinds of happiness. The first is when somebody tells you good news or does something nice for you, you feel a surge of good emotions. That’s nice, but it’s fleeting. It’s not permanent, nor should it be. The second is better known as contentment. This is an ongoing sense of calm. It’s more of a neutral feeling, not overtly positive and not negative. It remains running in the background when you are going about your life. Read On…

10,000 Kettle Bell Swing Challenge

I have seen various iterations of this challenge online and I thought I’d try it. I bought a kettle bell a long time ago and never really used it for much. By jumping into a challenge, I can see if it’s worth using regularly.

There are various ways to do this, but mine is going like this:

Sunday – Sets of 50, 30, 20

Monday – 50, 30, 20

Tuesday – 50, 30, 20

Wednesday – 50, 30, 20

Thursday – 50, 30, 20

500 per week x 20 weeks = 10,000 swings Read On…

What’s Really Important

“I just want to get through this week.”

This is something I hear from friends and family when a particularly stressful week is here. Or:

“I just want to get through the holidays.”

I catch myself feeling this way sometimes, but I have tried lately to take offense to this. I think the biggest mindset shift for me occurred when reading Wait but Why’s post about our Life in Weeks (I know I’ve linked it before, but I love it).  Read On…


It seems like maturity comes in spurts. Today, Sully asked me to help wash his hands after they were sticky from an apple. He sat and ate stir fry nicely at the table, spilling almost none of it. He asked to go to bed at bedtime. He even requested a potty trip when he had to pee. He didn’t actually pee, but we’re not there yet, he’s only two.

I’ve heard about the whoosh effect before, mostly in relation to weight loss. It will seem like you’re stalling, but if you keep up the pressure and daily activity toward your goal, all of the sudden, you make a huge stride ask in a short time. It feels like a pile up of good fortune, but it’s really just the fruit of your consistent labor. 

The Game

I watched the Game today. It was nerve-racking. Of course, we lost on a last second play. Tons of questionable calls and non penalty calls alike throughout the game.

I was on edge and have been all year during football. After we lost, I went to wake up my son from his nap and envied his peacefulness. 

Should I pass this burden on to him? My family did it to me. Is the good worth the bad? Can they be separated?


The day after Thanksgiving might be the best day of the year for naps. Maybe Christmas day is up there too.

Today, Cece took a long nap on me while I napped. It was great. We napped before the long drive back to Ann Arbor, so I needed to be charged up. 

We got a lot done beforehand, but once the holiday and the bustle is over, a nap is a fantastic reprieve, maybe the best part of the whole holiday. Not the actual sleeping, but the pace and environment that allows for a nap too be had.

Naps are great. Take them often.


Today, we clean and cook and converse with family. I’m thankful that my family is close enough to drive and see them in under an hour. I’m thankful that I have two healthy kids and a loving wife. I have a fantastic job in a fantastic city. My life is pretty great all around and I feel very lucky.

Travel Day

No matter what, this is always a terrible day of travel for us. We only drive about 55 miles, but the weather and traffic always collude to make it a rough trip. We’ll see how today goes with a four month old and a two year old in tow.

Indoctrination has Begun

My son is older enough to be able to quickly repeat words and phrases we say. It’s pretty great. During football games, we teach him to say Go Blue. So now he stomps around the house, clapping, saying Go Blue!

After the last game, we taught him to say Beat Ohio, which sounds like BEE HI-o. I couldn’t be more proud.

I will of course raise him to cheer for Michigan, but I won’t be heartbroken if he decides he likes another team or school or even attends elsewhere. I will raise him to see all sides in more than just sports, but I will be happy if he chooses to cheer for Michigan, too.

Just Ask

I started following a bot on Twitter that retweets whenever anyone says the phrase “a bot that”. This gives you some insight as to what people are making bots do on Twitter. I found this because I follow a bot called @tinycarebot that just sends out reminders to do things like ‘breathe deeply’ or to ‘look up from twitter for a second and relax’.

This @abotthat retweeted a story about a bot that helps negotiate on your behalf with Comcast to get a lower bill. Pay less money to Comcast with no effort or cost on my part? I’m in! Read On…