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November On Our Doorstep

We are fully into the fall and about to jump into November. This year has gone quickly and the holidays is when it seems to accelerate.

I like some of this time of year, but I don’t like the departure from routine it brings. I enjoy having regular days with no pending events and this time of year is rife with events.

I am doing my best to maintain my sense of routine and normalcy, to resist the feel of all of the departures from regular life.

Carving Pumpkins

Today, my mom and dad carved two pumpkins with Sully. He enjoyed it. They made a monkey and a cat. 

My mom loves doing these types of holiday things. I think it reminds her of when we were little and loved doing it.

This is the year we’re going to do a lot more of the normal holiday activities like trick or treating, putting up lights for Christmas and walking up at our own house on Christmas morning. Since Sully is more aware of what’s going on, I feel like he would like to see some of these things and even form some memories of doing them himself.

Cottage Weekend

We are spending the day at the cottage, doing yard work until the MSU game. We have a ton of trees that need trimming and a lot of sticks that need to be chopped up into a pile.

It’s gorgeous outside, warm and overcast. Should be a perfect fall day with family.

My Path

I got a chance to sit down with two engineering students at U-M today and talk about their paths in school and eventual career. It gave me a chance to distill my own path  and try and apply what lessons I’ve learned to their situations.

First, I would have loved to have these discussions when I was a student – I felt equally lost as to what career options were available to me as these young men I spoke with today.

Second, I appreciated the chance to give of my own time to potentially help these guys understand their current path and maybe help make future decisions. Read On…

White Noise / Brown Noise

My trick for getting work done in a shared office space (since about 2010) has been the website Simply Noise. It’s a white noise generator. It was one of the first, although now there are dozens or hundreds of options online.

I enjoy the brown noise, a bit more bass than regular white noise. When I have it on, it feels like a brain massage – that’s the only way I can describe it. Read On…

No Oversight

There comes a time in your life when you are not supervised anymore. You don’t have to check in or get approval or let anyone know much of anything on a daily basis. This can be a tough transition for those who have never been unsupervised.

I’m not just talking about work, but home life, recreation time, etc. Actually having no oversight sounds great, but it can be really tough. Read On…

Michigan State Week

I have always enjoyed this week. A good portion of my high school friends went to MSU, while I went to  Michigan. Also, being from Michigan, about half of the people you run into have a Sparty allegiance. It’s just natural with these two schools so close together in the same state.

When I was in college, we never lost to State once. It’s been a different story since then, however. We went through two coaches and lots of bad seasons. Even last year, with Harbaugh at the helm, we biffed the game on the last play, which you will probably see 100x on replay if you turn on ESPN this week. It’s been tough.  Read On…

Busy & Fun

Sully’s second birthday bash is over. We had fun. Most importantly, he had fun. Like I mentioned before, we invited only family and had a decidedly smaller celebration. I think our sanity was much improved, although I did find myself frantically making coffee and trying to coordinate the events as best as I could.

What a difference a year makes. This year, Sully initiated the opening of presents and he also interacted with everyone! He goes to someone, usually someone new every time, grabs their hand and takes them to what he is requesting assistance with. How great is that. He knows what he wants, and he know who he wants to help him get it. I love that. Read On…

The Leaves That Are Green

The Simon and Garfunkel song does now for my nostalgia bone than most songs (besides Bleecker Street). It’s about how young Paul was when he wrote the song, how much older he is now singing it and how the leaves eventually turn to brown, he’ll eventually die.

This song rings in my head all through the fall, especially when the leaves are at max changing and falling status, which is about right now. Read On…

Second Birthday

Today we’re preparing for our sons second birthday party. It won’t be anywhere near as big as his first. Maybe 1/3 as big. 

We don’t have a big house so it was tough to fit all those people inside.  And we really didn’t get to enjoy his party with how full our house was and everything that was going on.

Read On…