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I don’t even know my own password

In our world of infinite logins and passwords, the standard personal password is (or should be) a thing of the past. No longer should we be reusing the password MegaPhone$1234 for every login we have.

I have 880 logins.


That is astounding. I wouldn’t even know the number if it were not for this tool I’m about to convince you that you need. Read On…

Theme for the Year

In my review of the last few years, I have tried to distill my activities in a theme of sorts. Prior year themes have been Preparation, Adventure, Expansion, Acclimation. In prior years, my theme has been in retrospect. This year, I wanted to plan out my theme this year and see if I could align my actions to build on that theme.

Looking forward to this year, I envisioned this years theme as Normalization. Why normalization? That sounds boring. Read On…

Before You Delegate, Infiltrate

I have a couple dozen things I’d like to be able to hand off at work because they are tedious tasks. But, since I’m learning new buildings and processes, it benefits me to do them myself for awhile.

After doing the work in detail, I can more easily find ways to automate and delegate some of this work for the future. This will take long to get going, but will be faster in the long run. 

There are no shortcuts to understanding the work. Someone can tell you all about it, but the fastest was to learn is to do.

Uninterrupted Blocks of Time

I never realized how important a huge block of time is, with no disruptions. It’s invaluable. Being able to create and think about something for hours on end is really the key to providing value to others.

Unfortunately, this is not the norm in most workplaces. The open floor plan, on call nature, and walk up tendencies people have lead to short bursts of activity punctuated by disruptions. 

My combat plan for this has been: Read On…

Losing Track

I never used to understand how people could get too busy or lose track of things. I always thought of myself as a “loop-closer”. I never wanted to be the person that was holding something up, so I was adamant about doing what I said and following up diligently.

Now, that I have doubled my responsibility at work and doubled my responsibility at home, I can see how it happens.

Your mind only has so much RAM and when you are interrupted or have too much on your mind, the thing you were working on gets forgotten about.

Without a system in place for remembering things, I would lose track of everything. Right now, I’m relying on email too much. I like to get action items out of email because email get’s bogged down and you only see what’s recent. Read On…

Bucket List

I’ve been inspired lately to write my own bucket list and keep track of it. I wrote this in workflowy (that’s where I’ll track it too), but I will share what I have started here.

Bucket List Read On…

Double Backup

I was at the bus stop yesterday morning waiting for the bus. Our street is closed going north so I figured the same bus will come, bit it will go the other way and will detour.

It didn’t come. So I called them and they told me I had to get to Broadway and Swift – about a 15 minute walk south. Well, by this time I was already late for work.

I decided that I would have to drive and I offered to drive Janise also. Driving myself was my first backup. I wasn’t sure how I’d park, but I would figure it out.

My second backup was to order an Uber. This wouldn’t be ideal either, but it would suffice for the day. I actually could take Jess’s car too if I had to. 

The idea was that you should have two alternate options for every plan. Have a backup and have a backup for your backup. This leads to much less headache and panic down the road.

Rely on your phone for everything? What if it dies? Take a backup portable charger. What if that dies? Bring a wall charger to be your second backup. Two backups for everything.

The Go-Giver

I read a great book awhile back called the Go-Giver. It’s a book about how to achieve stratospheric success. The storyline is an on-going relationship between a hard-working employee, Joe and his mentor, The Chairman.

The laws are: Read On…

15 Years Ago Today

I was in 11th grade honors English class at . Mrs Edgar’s class. It wasn’t a hard class, despite being honors. 

The attack started while we were in transition between classes. By the time we were in Mrs. Edgar’s, the attacks started and they were on the TV. We sat in silence as we watched and nobody really said much.

I remember football practice was cancelled that day. Everyone was on edge. We were happy there was no football though. Since there was no practice, I went to Matt Muir’s house after school. That’s when someone told me, I think Matt, that the terrorists picked 9/11 because of the emergency phone number in the US.

I asked if they even knew that that was a thing here. I remember hearing later that it was an anniversary of some other attack that they were getting revenge for. I don’t remember if that was true either.

I don’t remember much else besides watching the buildings fall, which was surreal. They seemed to fall spontaneously.

Since the attacks, life has been different. This was my generations “loss of innocence”. We weren’t around for JFKs assassination or MLK Jr either. 

I wonder why we need national tragedies to mark milestones in our collective conscience. Maybe it’s a part of our evolution – scary things cause us to record every detail since our lives might depend on it. Happy events fade away and blur in our minds. Such is life.