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We have lost the ability to listen. Not just to hear, but to intentionally hear something and receive it.

I notice this in meetings and in conversations. 99% of us are just waiting for our turn to yell. And when we’re done yelling, the next person gets a chance to yell. Sometimes we all yell at the same time.

I don’t always mean literally yelling, but that’s what it feels like. We speak with nobody actually processing what we’re saying. Read On…

Permission to Do

I’m giving you permission to do.

There are a lot of options on what you should be doing.  A lot of information comes in daily on where you should focus your time and efforts. I’m telling you, you have permission to pick one thing and do the hell out of it.

The only way you learn is by doing, and you only grow by making mistakes. Almost nothing is a fatal mistake (except dying, so don’t do that), so you have permission to do and to fail, and then to do again. Read On…

Rental Property

One of my original desires after graduating from college for a business of my own was to own rental property. The desire came from Rich Dad Poor Dad, a book I read during college. Once I had a job, I found a company that would help you buy and rehab a house. I started the process, paid the 2K fee, but when it came time to get a loan, I chickened out. It didn’t feel right. I would be overextended and up a creek if nobody rented or bought the place.

That itch hasn’t gone away. With the housing collapse and rebound, there are plenty of properties out there for the picking – you just need to know which to pick and have the cash ready. Read On…

Nobody is Outside

Since my son has been more active and wanting to be outside, we have spent a TON of time walking, playing and just being ridiculous outside. We started in the colder months, being outside at every opportunity.

When we didn’t see anybody outside in the snow when we were at the park, I didn’t think anything of it. It’s cold out, of course we’re the only ones outside.

As the weather warmed up though, we did not see a corresponding uptick in the amount of people outside. Read On…

Why Are You the Answer

As I was reading through a thoughtful post on Medium, something struck me. I find that asking the right questions can prime you toward a certain attitude or response. The right question at the right time can change your entire outlook, and therefore attitude, and therefore actions and therefore, life.

I don’t have a comprehensive list of questions yet, but one that I liked for a job interview or any particular work day where you are feeling a bit less than, you could use this question to prime your mind toward your highest possible achievement. Read On…

Google Allo 

Google just released Allo, the new chat that is supposed to, but not sure if it replaces Hangouts.

The fun feature is the Google Assistant. You can chat with it and ask questions. You can even ask for it to send you information at a certain time, like the daily weather. 

We’ll see if it works it’s way onto my daily app rotation. I’m not going to force it.

Maggie Daley Park

Maggie Daley Park is amazing for kids. Visit the water areas and the enchanted forest. Sully loved the water fountains and the pirate boats.

Traveling by Train is Great

My son loves the train. It’s easy to load, roomy and he can wander all over with anyone he wants.

The conductor even set aside the front 16 seats for our family and loaded us separately. What great customer service.

The train is almost a novelty mode of transport now.

I wish we had more train options and higher speeds. Public transit is lacking in the Midwest and it’s only slowly catching up now.

Train to Chicago

We are heading to Chicago. We have booked a ride on the Amtrak to travel with extended family. I think Sully will enjoy the ability to see the train and watch out the window. 

Using Amtrak makes me long for a useful public transit system, both long range and short range.

Read On…

Done List

Yesterday, I stopped putting to-do items on my calendar in Workflowy. I’ll still keep the calendar going in Workflowy, it’s helpful to see my week at a glance and take meeting notes right in there when a meeting occurs.

But I have reverted to a basic list of to-do items. Checking them off when they are done and leaving them on the list, I believe, will help encourage me to get even more done.

When we delete done items from our list, we have no sense of scale as to what we’ve accomplished. For this reason, I am calling this my Done List. This makes adding things to this list even more inevitable that they will get done, because they are on the ‘Done List’!