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Stress is Good


Not all stress is good, but controlled, measured stress is good.

Chronic stress is bad, especially uncontrolled, unmonitored stress. That is the kind of thing that raises cortisol, raises blood pressure, causes overeating, fills your arteries, wears you down and eventually gives you a heart attack.

What kind of stress is good stress?

I’ve grouped them into physical vs mental.

Good physical stresses: Read On…

Call Frank

I found this little web app that helps you remember what you did on a particular day. It’s called Call Frank.

The premise is that you give this little bot your phone number and a time. Then, Frank will call at that time and record your response to the question:

What do you want to remember about today?

I currently journal in the morning, write out gratitude memories, and even blog, but I don’t do any audio recordings, so I’m going to try this. I think it might be fun.

Midnight Workouts

During the summer in high school and college, my friend Matt and I would get student memberships to Lifetime Fitness. Lifetime Fitness, for those who’ve never been there, is not a low-rent gym. It was the nicest, largest fitness center we had ever seen. It had endless workout equipment, a dry sauna, wet sauna, pool, and even tanning beds.

It was a perfect place to spend a few hours in the summer. But, it would be swamped in the after-work hours every day. So, we went at midnight or later.

There was something luxurious having this entire place to ourselves. Selecting the machines we wanted and having plenty of space to move around – it felt like it was all there for us. Read On…

Game Week

I grew up watching Michigan football. When I was little, we went to one have per year and it was very special. 

I remember parking on Packard or at Pioneer. We would pick up sub sandwiches from the deli at Kmart (they were delicious, they were better then they sound.)

Read On…

These are the Good Ol’ Days

I remember thinking back to before we moved into the second house I lived in growing up and wondering if those were the good ol’ days. I was 12. 

The notion of good ol’days comes from nostalgia and the perceived naivete of your younger self. 

You didn’t know how good you had it. 

So, why didn’t you?

Read On…

The Most Important Skill

The ability the change your mind is one of the most important skills you can acquire. Most people cannot or are slow to change their minds.

The problem is that the world is constantly changing, new information is coming to light, new regimes are coming to power, new research is being conducted, new controversies are being exposed.

Things change, that’s the one constant of life. Without the ability to adapt, you quickly get left behind.

One major obstacle for the masses is their ego. Admitting you’ve been wrong all this time is hard – it means your ego has to take a hit (that’s why Ryan Holiday says the Ego is the Enemy, great book). Read On…

Gamify Productivity

This sounds dumb, but I like it.

The Forest app helps you put down your phone, or else a tree dies. It’s like the un-Farmville.

If you successfully leave your phone down, a tree grows fully and you get points, points you can use to unlock new tree types or plant a real live tree. You can even compete with friends to get the most focus time in a day.

I understand this feels weird, downloading an app to help you use your apps less. But if it’s dumb, but it works, it’s not dumb. Read On…

The Feeling of Fall

Fall has a certain feel and smell to it. I think it happens with the humidity breaks and something about the pollen and grass seems to change. Being on a college campus, it is accentuated by the return of classes, the return of students and the overall collegiate environment ramping up.

This feeling returned this past weekend on Saturday when the humidity let up. Fall Saturdays are some of my favorite days of the year.  Read On…

How to Name Your Child

Jess and I discussed for a long time how is best to name your kid. You don’t want them to be stuck with a name they don’t like, and you don’t want them to be lost in a crowd of little boys or girls with the same name as them. For this reason, I came up with a set of considerations (rules, but not so strict) to think about when choosing a name.

It’s more of a process than people really think, so I’ll lay it out.

Your Starting Point: The Surname

Your surname is like a permanent part of your outfit, you can’t change it, unless your child decides to when you they marry.  That’s considered a constant, so why not work with it? Read On…

My Week With Sully

Part of the highlight of welcoming Cece into our lives has been me taking two weeks off of work. The goal was to help everyone get adjusted and settled at home while mom and baby are tired and learning how to be.

This meant that Sully and I were going to be together for much of those two weeks. The first week was spent in the hospital or having just made it home from the hospital, so we really only got one solid week. Read On…