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Get Better Everyday

I remember the Coach of my high school football team, Coach Bye, saying to us daily:

If you aren’t getting better, you’re getting worse.

Of course this was during 50 sprints to end the practice. He was trying to keep us from collapsing from our fiery lungs and mental despair. His words have stuck with me. There were a few meanings to his words that I’ve carried with me. Read On…

No Art Fair Parking

One of the largest and most famous events held in Ann Arbor each summer is the Art Fair. The Art Fair is also one of the most beloved/reviled events by visitors and townies, respectively.

The Art Fair is actually 4 art fairs that combine their powers to make one super, mega-art fair, an Art Fair to rule them all.

It’s a great event and the area benefits from the popularity and the influx of tourism.

Being a local, I find it really funny how much the locals hate the art fair. They hate it because of the traffic, road closures, changes to their routine, and I think they also hate it because a lot of people like it.

It’s a first world problem for nice cities, a nice city problem. Read On…

Top Ten Albums

In a discussion with a coworker recently, I was asked to name my top 5 albums of all time. Wow. I wasn’t ready for that. I don’t think he really wanted me to spend a lot time thinking about it, but then I proceeded to and then I wrote them down.

As I compile my Codex Vitae, I will probably pull a lot of this kind of stuff into it (more about that tomorrow).

I couldn’t do top 5, so I did a top 10 and these are in no particular order.

1. Abbey Road – Beatles

I grew up listening to my dad’s tape collections and this was the tape he loved most. My dad always favored the earlier, poppier Beatles and as I grew up, I loved the later, stonier Beatles. But Abbey Road is just classic Beatles. It’s got the continuous theme, the hard rock, the catchy single, and a Ringo drum solo. It’s perfect. Read On…

2015 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review


01 Jan – Up north

04 Jan – Sully’s Baptism

24 Jan – Up north

30 Jan – AA Beerfest


07 Feb – Up north

26 Feb – Sully Pics

27 Feb – Florida
14 Mar – Birthday dinner with Wentworths

15 Mar – Birthday dinner with Aiutos

20 Mar – TEDxUofM (DW)

27 Mar – Birthday Brewery Tour


27 Apr – Sufjan Stevens Concert

29 Apr – Surgery (JW)
09 May – Natalie’s Wedding & Joe’s Wedding

22 May – Up north
03 Jun – Alabama Shakes

04 Jun – RENT Musical (DW)

05 Jun – Up north

12 Jun – Camping

14 Jun – Luke moves in

20 Jun – Sam & Patrick’s Wedding / Sully Pics

26 Jun – Up north
04 Jul – Slide the City (DW)

10 Jul – Up north                   

19 Jul – Bachelor Parties in Traverse City

24 Jul – Beerfest Ypsi

30 Jul – Speech at Corner Brewery (DW)

01 Aug – Friesen Reunion / Botanical Gardens

08 Aug – Steve & Dede’s Wedding

13 Aug – Up north

17 Aug – Wood Floor

22 Aug – Aryn’s Pig Roast

24 Aug – Dishwasher

26 Aug – Countertop

29 Aug – Paint Kitchen
04 Sep – Up north

20 Sep – MAPPA Conference (DW)

26 Sep – Tough Mudder (DW)
03 Oct – Sam & Allison’s Wedding / Sully Pics

09 Oct – Stadium Marching Band Rehearsal

11 Oct – Grizzly Peak Dinner w/ Aiutos

16 Oct – Whitewater Trip (DW)

23 Oct – Beerfest Detroit

24 Oct – Sully’s 1st Birthday Party
21 Nov – Up north

27 Nov – Gusadade Making

28 Nov – Steve & Dede Housewarming
05 Dec – Dinner at Wentworths

19 Dec – Ice Skating Detroit

20 Dec – Aiuto Christmas Party

21 Dec – Dave’s Office Holiday Party

26 Dec – Up north

Read On…

Changing Your Mind

Being truly open-minded is incredibly difficult. It’s an awareness that you could be completely wrong about everything in your life.

Of course, we aren’t raised to be open-minded. Your religion, your family, your traditions, all of your actions lead you to believe that the way you do it, is the way everybody should do it.

The way you think is how everybody should think. Read On…

Holding Pattern

As my wife crosses over the 37 week barrier, we are firmly in our holding pattern. We keep planning for our regular lives, but we have these contingency plans ready just in case.

One day, is going to be completely different, and we have no idea what day it will be. It’s very unnerving.

Read On…

Consistent Consistency

One of the biggest changes I’ve made in my life has been to install new habits into my daily routine. Old me would let these habits slide on the weekends, while traveling or anytime I felt like it.

The problem with exceptions is that once you make one, the floodgates are open to future exceptions. Before you know it, your habit is long forgotten and you are back where you started.

Read on…

Feel Good Diversity

I had this conversation with someone recently where, in light of recent events (see: Black Lives Matter, Orlando, Dallas, Nice, etc), the concept of diversity and inclusion was brought up. The visceral reaction to the very word diversity can be to wince, because of what it can mean or not mean to many people.

It can be seen as a way to “cover yourself”. If your organization has a diversity policy with lots of five dollar words and it sounds really nice and important, then you are covered.

I think it’s much bigger than having a diversity mission or committee. Diversity is realizing there are more viewpoints than your own. It’s also realizing that your own viewpoints are biased.

Yes, you are biased.  Read On…

Being the Example

Continuing the idea of life lessons from my son, I have noticed a disturbing trend from him: he copies everything I do exactly and immediately. I have to be aware that anything I am about to do, my son will immediately try to do himself.

He wants to drive the car, stir the pot, mow the lawn, use the phone, use the fork, and so on.

I knew my kids would take after me, but I didn’t know it would be so soon and so literally. Read On…