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Revisionist History

One podcast I’ve found to really enjoy lately is Revisionist History with Malcolm Gladwell. It seems to be in the same vein as his books – taking a deeper dive into what history deems to be a closed book. He exposes some new truth, new understanding or  tries to provide context for something we probably glossed right over.

The episode that stands out the most to me, which was the same episode that was used on This American Life to introduce those listeners (this is what got me hooked), was a podcast about why good ideas don’t spread necessarily.  Read On…

Hedging Yourself

With the recent shakeup at work, one of the messages I’ve taken away from it is that nothing is forever. 

Sure, our jobs are safe for now. There are no plans to change what we do. But I’m not 100% convinced of anything anymore.  Read On…

Big Changes

Recently, we heard about a lot of big changes at work that were unexpected, to say the least. My job is secure at this point, but it shook everybody, including me, quite a bit.

I spent the night thinking about all of the potential impacts to my current daily work and what the future could hold.

The plus side is I think it has a very positive impact on what my group does, allowing for a greater level of visibility and leverage of resources. I also believe that it made me wake up a little bit and realize this isn’t permanent. Nothing is. Read On…

Dog Days of Summer

I realized today that this oppressive heat and obnoxious humidity means we are in the dog days of summer. I had always heard that term before, but never understood the origin until I looked it up:

Webster defines “dog days” as The period between early July and early September when the hot sultry weather of summer usually occurs in the northern hemisphere.

Read On…

Everyone is Someone’s Child

Yesterday I visited a funeral home to support a coworker who lost her boyfriend. I had never met her boyfriend and I’d only known her for a few months now. He was in his early 20s.

I looked around the room at all of the pictures of his life and I was affected. I don’t know if this is another sign of having a child of my own, but seeing the ‘chubby baby’ pictures and ‘playing up north’ pictures made me instantly imagine this as my son.  Read On…

My Little Shadow

One of the most hilarious things I’ve noticed since being a dad of a 1.5 year old is that he mimics every single thing that I do. He does the same for his mom, but not to the level he does it to me.

He has to everything I do and I realize there’s a big opportunity for learning there. Anytime I’m staring at my phone, he wants to be too. If I hug Jess, he wants to do it too.

For this reason, we’ve tried to all but prevent TV and lounging from being something we do ever.

We try to be outside as much as possible, playing, wrestling, walking, or just talking face to face. Read On…

Getting it Right

We went to the art fair before getting dinner as a family last night and remarked that it was a fantastic day to be at the art fair. No crowds, cooler weather and easy parking. So how did we manage this? 

We’re just attended the art fair every day it was open. Read On…

Pleasant Surprises

Since our family went vegan in May, we’ve had to struggle a bit to learn some new recipes, learn what products don’t have milk in them (so many do and you don’t know it) and how to ween ourselves off of dairy.

We did it without much of a plan and it’s been a learning experience for us. It was something I felt strongly about and managed to convince my wife. She still long for cheese at times, but she says she feels better overall, both ethically and physically.

Since we’ve been eating this way, we’ve had to mostly buy fresh produce (which we did already anyway), but also had to learn what prepared product were okay for us.

I tend to keep my eyes open for new things and we’ll try a couple new things every week. Sometimes they are winners, sometimes they aren’t. This weekend, we tried 3 new things that were all fantastic, and vegan, but not necessarily healthy. We would only eat these types of things irregularly, but this is our testing phase, science if you will. Read On…

Election 2016

This is the only theme available to the national media for the last 8 months and for the next 4. It’s all anyone can talk about, so I’m a little reluctant to share my views as well, but here we are. 

As we speak, Hillary and Trump have both chosen their VP and are firmly squared off against each other.

Read On…

Become an Idea Machine

One practice I’ve done now for 174 days in a row is called Flexing Your Idea Muscle. I got this idea from the book Become an Idea Machine by Claudia Azula Altucher. It goes something like this.

The idea that ideas are ‘a dime a dozen’ is broken. Ideas are the currency of our lives. Anytime you embark on something worth doing, having an idea about your next step is automatic. What Claudia proposes is that we can exercise and improve that ‘muscle’ that gives out ideas.

The book is largely comprised of writing prompts, ideas to have ideas for. I began to incorporate this into my morning routine, writing 10 ideas for one of her prompts, right before I get into journaling. After awhile, I used up all of her prompts and began to write my own. In fact, one of my idea generating practices is to generate ten more ideas to generate ideas for! Meta! Read On…