13 Personal Rules

One of the most valuable tips I’ve gotten from Craig Ballantyne (among many) is to create your set of personal rules. ┬áIt’s freeing to make some decisions for yourself ahead of time, decide what you will and won’t do, so that you can use your brainpower on more important things.

Craig’s rules govern a lot about how he goes about his day and how he creates content. Those rules work for him. I followed his example and wrote my own rules. I think mine are bit more generic, save a few, but they resonate with me and make me happy.

Here are my 13 personal rules:

  • Rule 1. I am always grateful for my life, in all situations.
  • Rule 2. I react calmly, with love and empathy. I make peace.
  • Rule 3. I accept that my situation is a direct result of my actions.
  • Rule 4. I question what is presented to me and seek the balance of evidence.
  • Rule 5. I sleep at 9:30pm and wake up at 5:00am.
  • Rule 6. I never eat or use animals or their byproducts.
  • Rule 7. I focus on the present moment with all of my energy.
  • Rule 8. I strive to add 10x more value than I take.
  • Rule 9. I get out of my comfort zone to have real experiences and grow.
  • Rule 10. I work on one task at a time, from a written task list.
  • Rule 11. I do not put emotional energy into things I cannot control.
  • Rule 12. I plan way ahead with high intention and low attachment.
  • Rule 13: I weigh between 166 and 170 pounds and maintain this lean look year-round.

Some of them are specific and govern my day and what I eat, while others are more mindset-focused.

I want to have these so ingrained in me that if I encounter a trying situation, I can think of Rule #3 and know what that means without thinking too hard.

To achieve this, I review this list of rules every day and try to internalize them. If I don’t get up at 5, I am breaking my own rule and I diminish the power of all the rules if I do that, so I must stick to them for them to work.

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