10,000 Kettle Bell Swing Challenge

I have seen various iterations of this challenge online and I thought I’d try it. I bought a kettle bell a long time ago and never really used it for much. By jumping into a challenge, I can see if it’s worth using regularly.

There are various ways to do this, but mine is going like this:

Sunday – Sets of 50, 30, 20

Monday – 50, 30, 20

Tuesday – 50, 30, 20

Wednesday – 50, 30, 20

Thursday – 50, 30, 20

500 per week x 20 weeks = 10,000 swings

I have a 25 lb kettle bell that feels a bit light at the moment. I may upgrade to something heavier like 40-50 lb in the next few weeks. Right now, I’m working on form and getting into the groove of swinging this thing every day.

So far, it hasn’t been difficult to do, but I am definitely feeling it in my back, glutes, shoulders and forearms. If I don’t increase in weight, I may double the reps to complete it in less than 20 weeks.

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