Art Fair

Today, we are going to the Art Fair with family. The fun part is trying to get two kids, strollers and parking, but I think we’ll use the bus to try and avoid all of the hassle of parking. Plus, Sully loves the bus.

Today is supposed to be really hot, which is normal for Art Fair week. So we’ll have to brave the extreme temperature, but it’s always a fun time mixing with the thousands of people that descend on our city.

Complete exhaustion

Most days recently, when I get to the end of the day, I collapse in a state of exhaustion. It’s not a bad thing. It means I’ve spent all my energy for the day and I have nothing more to give. Usually, it means I had an incredible day. 

The most energy-drain comes from being home. Work can be a lot easier mentally than being home, but I love being home. The kids are awesome to watch and play with. I just need to remember that when I’m completely spent, I can get short with them. The five second time has helped me not react in anger per my initial impulse.


We are dealing with mice in the house again. We caught one yesterday and one again today. It’s a bummer because they make a mess and seem to keep coming. 

I have been placing two traps but it seems like one doesn’t spring anymore and might be useless. One keeps catching mice though, so we’ll see how many there are.

Fitbit Sleep Notifications

I set up my Fitbit and IFTTT to text me how much sleep I got the previous night. I never think to actually look. This is cool because it texts me in the morning when I know exactly how I feel about the previous nights sleep. The other day, it said I got 4 hours of sleep, which is how I felt. Today it said I got 7 hours, and I feel a lot better. 

I just need to make sure that I’m not just accidentally feeling how I think I should feel after getting that daily information. 

Art Fair Week

Art Fair week in Ann Arbor is a great week. Thousands of people come from all over to attend the art fairs and enjoy Ann Arbor. Many despise it for what it does to the traffic in the area, but I always say to them, do you want to live in the type of city that holds annual art fairs, or not? I will attend the art fairs with family probably Thursday and Friday.

5 Second Rule

I just started Mel Robbin’s book 5 Second Rule and I am enjoying it. It teaches the impossibly simple, but weirdly effective 5 Second Rule, where you count backwards from 5 whenever you want to begin doing something you don’t have the motivation to do. The most common example being to get out of bed when the alarm rings and not hit the snooze button.

When I tell other people about this, it seems like, how can that be an entire book? It’s true – I feel like it might have a bit of fluff. It might have sufficed as a really solid article. But, it might not carry as much weight as an article. People may tend to shrug it off if it had just been 1000 words on a blog somewhere.  Read On…

Earthen Jar

Last night, we had dinner at Earthen Jar in Ann Arbor. I love that place. It’s not much to look at. It’s basically a hole in the wall, but the food is perfect. They serve vegan and vegetarian food and it’s all buffet style. We took the kids and they enjoyed the naan and banana pudding. 

I never think about them as an option, boy I always love the food there when I go.

13 Personal Rules

One of the most valuable tips I’ve gotten from Craig Ballantyne (among many) is to create your set of personal rules.  It’s freeing to make some decisions for yourself ahead of time, decide what you will and won’t do, so that you can use your brainpower on more important things.

Craig’s rules govern a lot about how he goes about his day and how he creates content. Those rules work for him. I followed his example and wrote my own rules. I think mine are bit more generic, save a few, but they resonate with me and make me happy.

Here are my 13 personal rules: Read On…


Not drinking coffee means that when you do decide to have coffee, it can send you on a trip. I had some yesterday, which was delicious, but I probably shouldn’t have had that much. It almost made it difficult to sleep 6 hours later.

Running felt easy

I ran a really fast loop around the neighborhood yesterday, about 1 mile. I only went that far because the family needed me back and I wanted to get a short workout in. What surprised me is that I ran it in the fastest time I ever had before (7:40), and it felt easy. I probably could’ve gone faster.

This feels good because it means I’m building up my aerobic base. I want to keep it up and maybe do an easy 30-40 minutes of running more often.

I have adjusted my personal target of a 24 minute 5K to 22 minutes. This will be a stretch goal, but I have a few months to get into shape for it.